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Friday, August 2nd
7 - 8:30pm
at M&D theater at the Historic Eastern Slope Inn Playhouse

Do you want to hear from your loved ones in heaven?  Join psychic mediums Sara Moore and Kathleen Stone as they connect audience members with their loved ones in heaven.  Messages are relayed with clarity, gentleness and humor.  This event is a fundraiser for M&D and a portion of proceeds go directly to the non profit so they can continue to offer  theater in the MWV.  Because this is a gallery style event, not everyone will receive a reading but spirit has a funny way of relaying messages that relate to more than one audience member. 

This annual Evening with Spirit typically sells out, so get your tickets early!  If we have any left they will be available at the door the night of the event.  There is a cash bar at the newly updated theater, so tell your friends, get your tickets and arrive a bit early if you'd like to have a beverage before the show begins. 

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