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Sara Moore

Psychic Medium for People and Pets

Sara Moore is a psychic medium for people and pets, Reiki master and Hypnotist. Many different factors have influenced her current spiritual beliefs and led to her career as an intuitive. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 1995, she met a Reiki Practitioner who helped reduce the severity and duration of her migraine headaches. In 2000 her mother passed away unexpectedly and she used Reiki's healing energy to process and deal with the grief and sense of loss. Recognizing the power in energetic healing Sara became trained in Reiki in 2003.


At first Sara offered primarily Reiki sessions for animals, but quickly realized she could communicate with them on a psychic level. During her hypnosis training her gifts continued to develop and she began offering readings for people as well. Today she uses a combination of modalities to help you find peace and insight into your life, past lives, future, current situation and connect with your loved ones on the other side.


Sara is an intuitive healer with an affinity for helping people connect with their soul and discover their life purpose. With a unique background as a hypnotist, medium, animal communicator, Reiki Master and former fitness professional Sara has a profound effect on those she coaches. Her true passion is with providing people a different perspective on life and their journey. She invites people to consider that emotions are held physically in the body, that past lives may be relevant to what you are experiencing now and that letting go of thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving your greater good can have a monumental impact on you and those around you. Her coaching style combined with intuitive insights can help people discover their true essence in a safe, supportive environment.


Individual and small group psychic readings are offered for people vacationing in the Mount Washington Valley of NH or long distance long distance over the phone or Skype. She also travels all over New England offering classes, seminars and private consultations. She is available for speaking engagements, fundraisers, group events and parties.

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