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Soul Group Online Workshop

$12.00 $20.00

Original Class was held Thursday, April 13th
8pm to 9pm
From the comfort of your own home!

*This video has already been recorded.  You will be able to watch and hear the comments and responses. *

What makes us different?  What makes us gravitate to certain people and align with their approach to life when others seem so foreign to us?  Well, we have different soul groups and our spirits come from different places.  Sara will share her experiences as a psychic that have led her to better understand some of these "realms" and give you some perspective as to why YOU are the way you are. This is also helpful when you have to learn to work or live with people from different groups than yours because you'll have a better understanding of how to better communicate with them.

This is an online presentation using Facebook Live, so when you register you will be added to a secret group.

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