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Upcoming Webinars, Events and Live Streams

Soul Group Webinar
Sunday, March 28th
10am - 11:30am EST

Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons will be discussing her interpretation of Soul Groups and why they are relevant to help us better understand ourselves and others. Are you a Mother Earth energy? Nymph, sprite, fairy, human, angelic, God Realm, astral souls as well as others will be discussed in this 90 minute webinar. The presentation will last approximately 60 minutes with time for questions at the end. $40/pp

Grounding and Protecting Your Energy Webinar 
Friday, April 9th
8pm - 9:30pm

Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons will give you tools to help clear your energy, your space and lead you through a clearing exercise for your body and spirit. This webinar is ideal for energy workers and empaths who tend to take on or feel others energy. You'll be amazed what a difference being clear and grounded makes! $40/pp

Intuitive Development Webinar
Friday, April 23rd
8pm - 9:30pm

Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons will give you tools to develop and refine your own psychic gifts in this 90 minute webinar. She will discuss ways to use your senses to receive information, give you ways to ask and answer yes/no questions, and discuss how spirit tries to get our attention and what to do with these insights  Practice time is included.$40/pp

Dowsing Simplified Webinar
Thursday, May 6th 
8pm - 9:15

Have you ever wondered how to use a pendulum, muscle testing, dowsing wands or other ways to get answers to your questions? Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons will give you a general introduction into these tools and how to ask effective questions to receive accurate answers. Participants should have a pendulum, necklace with light weight or charm, fishing line with a light weight or other way to mimic the action of a "real" pendulum. $30/pp

Introduction to Chakras Webinar
Thursday, May 20th
8pm - 9:30pm

Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons will give you an overview of the chakra system and what happens when we are blocked in one or more of our energetic centers. This webinar will also give you insight into the correlation between emotion and psychical issues and a clearing guided meditation. $40/pp

The Physical and Emotional Body Connection Webinar
Sunday, June 6th
10am - 11:30am

Have you ever wondered if emotions can be the underlying cause of physical symptoms? Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons will explain what she has learned from 13 years as a psychic about how we hold emotions in the body and lead you through a process to help release them. Once you understand what the cause is for the pain in your neck, the pain in your butt, why your foot has chronic pain or what could be the cause of chronic pain you can begin a journey to wellness. $40/pp

Raising Star Seed Children Webinar
Friday, June 18th
8pm - 9:30pm

As the mother of a boy who seemingly came with his own agenda, Sara has discovered that Star Seed children are highly empathic, driven, frustrated by things they feel they can't control and that there is a different approach you can take to help them thrive. Many of these children have sensory issues, seem to be angry and demanding, can be entitled and "know it alls" but the truth is they're highly evolved souls who forget they have to be children and don't start out in the drivers seat when they're young. Sara will give you examples, tools and share some of her own success with her now happy and peaceful young man. This webinar is geared toward parents and adults. $40/pp

Using Energy Work to Promote Healing Webinar
Thursday, June 24th
8pm - 9:30pm

As a psychic and hypnotist Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons has helped people understand the emotional root of illness, put a visual to what healing looks like and then complement it with energy work and/or prayer to promote healing. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, arthritis, migraines and other issues will be discussed and you will be led through a healing meditation at the end of the webinar. $40/pp