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Mustang "Rescues"

I would like to start with a disclaimer.  I know nothing about what I'm talking about other than what the horses have told me or I've picked up from a few random conversations.  I'm actually looking for some guidance or someone who is familiar with what is going on, because there's a story that needs to be told.  And it's not my story.

This week there were two mustangs that had been "rescued" from the wild open spaces of America that broke free from their paddock.  This is the second time in two weeks they got out.  This time, however, I saw them (and a donkey) standing in the middle of Stark Road as the police cruiser and the owner tried to get them to go back to their enclosure.  As I sat there in my car I begged them to go home, and it was obvious they didn't want to.  They said NO.  And if a horse says no, there's a pretty good chance they mean it!  So then I invited them to go to my yard.  I learned today that although they never actually showed up in my yard, they were a few houses away.  So close!

This past weekend I met an amazing woman, Mona, who runs the Ever After Mustang Rescue in Biddeford, ME.  I have her brochure sitting next to my laptop and thought that it was pretty fitting that this all went down within two days of me meeting her.  Today I went to someones house who just adopted another wild mustang that had been starved almost to death in Fryeburg last winter.  How sad that these beautiful, wild creatures have been "rescued" from the wild only to be tortured in our yards.  I just don't get it.

So today I got to chat with Ty, the younger mustang that has been enjoying food but is still too spooked to allow anyone near him.  I asked him what he wanted, and he said that people need to understand what is happening.  And that he could very easily be happy in his new pasture, but if his story isn't told then the pain and suffering he's endured has been for naught.  I asked him to tell me what happened and I very vividly saw the image of the roundup.  It was horrific.  I actually cried, and even typing it brings me to tears.  He said that young horses were injured or killed, and that they were seperated from family.  He also said that he was one of the ones who lost it's mother.  And that as humans, we need to understand how this affects them and that we NEED compassion and empathy for us to evolve as a species.  They are part of our lesson, but the story needs to be told. 

This is where I'm asking for help!  If anyone would like to help tell Ty's story, I'd be very grateful.  His owner knows I'm putting it out there and is on board with it.  I am going to be chatting with him again soon and hope that we do in fact learn from all of this.  Its nice to sit in my little bubble of ignorance (while thinking I'm fairly enlightened) but it's a whole other thing when I am faced with the unbelievably evil things some humans do to animals.  It's heart breaking. 

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