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         Sara Moore, Psychic Meduim for People & Pets


Psychic Development Series with Sara Moore


In this seven part webinar series, Sara will teach you about grounding and protecting your energy, tuning in, understanding how spirit talks to us, soul groups, how to ask effective questions and receive answers, communicating with the other side, medical intuitive questions and physical symptoms with underlying emotional causes, and an introduction to cards/runes/pendulums and crystals. 

Once registered you will have access to each workshop which is 50 to 60 minutes long and will be using Zoom.  This means you can watch each video more than once and at any time you prefer. This is non refundable and only intended for the person puchasing the program.  Not sure if this is for you?  Feel free to email Sara at enlightenedhorizons@gmail.com before purchasing. 

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