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Hi Sara......you did a phone reading with me about my missing cat on Friday evening and I wanted to let you know that we found her on Monday! You said she might have some sort of injury to her throat or mouth but nothing serious. Her chin is scratched up but nothing alarming :-) You said she would be back but not until after the weekend and then Monday, there she was!

Thank you so much for talking with me. The peace of mind you gave me regrading Setzer was invaluable. We appreciate your help in reuniting us with our fur baby!

October 2014

Moose and Murphy

Today my friend and I (with digital photos of Moose and Murphy), came to you for a reading while you were at Woofstock………a total first for her and a first "dog reading" for me. What an unbelievably exhilarating experience!!! I wish I had my boys there for you to meet in person but what you told me about them AND MYSELF was so true, so inspirational……so hopeful and great advice that was so special to hear …..especially from someone I never met before!!!!!

We will ALWAYS remember today, will look for you again to ask you more.  I am going to email both my daughters who have dogs and give them your web site. You have a gift…truly a special gift and provide such a unique service to those who are fortunate to meet with you. THANK YOU and I wish you the very best!


September 2012


My parents and I brought Rosie, our (at the time) 14 year-old chocolate lab in to see Sara at a local pet store.  This was my Christmas gift to Rosie—I had recently had a friend bring their dog to Sara and after hearing what they had to say, I was skeptical but curious.  No one was more skeptical than my father.  Rosie was our pride and joy.  We all knew she was getting older and we did not have too much time left with her.  I wanted to get her to Sara so my parents and I could make sure she was still living a comfortable life. Rosie never met a human she did not like—certainly not one with hands to scratch her!  She was smitten with Sara instantly.  Going in to this we had said we would not ask specific questions—we wanted to see what Sara could tell us.  We were absolutely blown away.  When we asked Sara which couch Rosie preferred—there were numerous that she’d switch between throughout the day—she told us Rosie liked the one in her “bedroom” but wanted us to open the curtain once in a while to let some light in.  (We always kept the curtain shut in the den because Rosie was usually the only one going in there.)  We asked Sara if there was anything we could give Rosie to make her feel more comfortable or happy.  Sara said that the heart-shaped dog treats my father occasionally gave her were her favorite.  (The dog treats from the store down the street he picked up every now and then to surprise her were heart-shaped.)  Most significantly, Rosie wanted to tell us that the picture of our family we have on display is her favorite and that she felt that she was with “her gang”.  We instantly thought of our family portrait hanging in the kitchen that has Rosie front and center, grinning from ear to eat with her tongue hanging out.  It has been over a year since this happened so I unfortunately cannot remember the other miraculous things that Sara was able to tell us, but we all left as believers… including my father.   We had to make the difficult decision to put Rosie down in June 2011 after 14 wonderful years as a family.  One thing we are so incredibly grateful for is that we were able to meet with Sara before Rosie’s passing.  We knew that the time was coming, but Sara was able to help us feel more confident that Rosie was just as happy and healthy as the day we had brought her home.  It has been an extremely difficult year since we lost her, but our visit with Sara brought my family peace of mind.  Not only can we smile at our memories with Rosie, we can also smile knowing that all of those times we looked like “crazy people” talking to our beloved four-legged friend, she was right there, talking back to us.



March 2012


I adopted Fawn 11 months ago. She was extremely timid, afraid of everything: fast movements, loud and not so loud noises, wind, rain pelting the roof, snow falling off the roof, etc. She spent a lot of time under the kitchen table and in her crate. It took 3 months for her just to go look out of the french doors. I wanted to do all I could to help her overcome her fears. When I heard about Reiki for dogs, I decided to give it a try.

After Fawn’s first session, I noticed a difference on the ride home. Fawn was actually sitting up in the seat, looking around and smelling the air, enjoying the ride by the look on her face! She previously would just lie down with her head down and stay very quiet.  Fawn has now had a few sessions and I feel that they have helped her calm down. She no longer needs her crate and sleeps in front of the french doors basking in the sun. It’s still a work in progress, but Fawn has come a long way and I believe Reiki has been instrumental in her progress.

November 16, 2009


Maggie is my obedience dog and I have been showing her in Rally and in Obedience.  She is a Flat Coated Retriever with tons of energy and can get over stimulated and loose attention easily.  I took her to Sara for Reiki before our shows and Reiki seemed to settle her and help her focus.  I think it also helps her physically with the rigors of training.   On Maggie's first visit she would not settle for Sara, but by the second visit she was more willing to let Sara work on her and more receptive.  In addition to the energy work, Maggie seemed to communicate with Sara, telling her things that I instinctively knew but affirming those things so I would be more aware and incorporate the knowledge in my training.   I was boring Maggie with training that was too repetitive.  She already knew the tasks according to Sara.  She was getting bored.  And she reminded me through Sara how important praise and recognition is to Maggie.  All in all, my experiences with Reiki for Maggie have been great. Sara seems to also have some ability as an animal communicator.  Something I did not expect, but a great bonus.   I will continue to take Maggie to see Sara regularly.  I think it makes her feel better and consequently act and perform better.

November 2009


Corey is doing SO much better.  He will now tolerate me putting the ear medicine in his ear as long as I warm it up first and do it while he is eating.  What a huge improvement over the fights we use to have!  I feel that the ear still needs a little more "drying" out, but the bright pink color is gone and now it just seems uncomfortable - but not painful.

November 2009


Allie is our 9 year old yellow lab mix. I learned so much about Allie's needs and wants after taking her to Sara. Sara told me Allie had a problem with her left ear and to have it checked next time we visited the Vets. I took her for a check-up and sure enough, Allie had a yeast infection in her left ear. She is now on ear drops and is improving. Allie communicated to Sara that she wanted her food more moist and with carrots on top. I do put warm water in her food (now I make it more moist) and carrots are her favorite! Allie loves Ritz Crackers and peanut butter. Sara got the vision of Ritz Crackers and peanut butter by just communicating with Allie. I was blown away by this. There was no way Sara would have known about that prior to meeting Allie. She is amazing when it comes to communicating with pets. I highly recommend her to anyone that has issues with their pets.

Cindy K.
December 2009


Sara has worked on Blizzard both at my house and at Telling Tails, and each time he has fallen into a completely relaxed state.  He calls her "hot hands" and when she begins doing Reiki he dozes and often  twitches and dreams.  I have worked with Sara to "negotiate" what Blizzard has to do during competitions as well as what would make him a happier dog.  After reiki he is calm and peaceful, which I attribute to Reiki.

Nanci H



Kelly  is a retired hunting/puppy mill dog.  For the most part she seemed thrilled to just be living indoors with us, but had issues with men in general and my adult son in particular.  After seeing Sara, I tried all of the things that she suggested.  Kelly is much more likely now to approach people, and is much better with my son.  Sara described, through Kelly, many things in my home that Sara would have no way of knowing.  She also confirmed my fears that Kelly's puppies were taken away from her sooner than they should have been.  Sara gave Kelly the voice to express her sadness over this. Since seeing Sara, Kelly is much more content and settled in our home.  I think she now realizes that she is with us for good.  I would highly recommend Sara as an animal communicator, especially with a pet that has a history prior to living in your own home.  Time and patience helps, but having an idea what your pet went through before can give such important insight.  Don't hesitate!

Virginia K
February 2010

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