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Rescue Reading Gift


The perfect gift for any pet lover!

15 Minutes for $25
for Recently Adopted Animals

Sara is a huge supporter of the non profit organizations who work hard to rehome animals.  The adjustment period can be made a lot easier when they tell you a little bit about themselves and what would help them adjust to the changes.  This 15 minute phone reading is discounted because the more happy animals that find peace the better! 

Common questions are:

-  Tell me about their past
-  What would make them happier
-   What are their fears, or do they feel safe?
-  Collar or harness
-  What do they think of other family members
-  Is there anything I can get them to help them feel better, safer, more loved, etc
-   Do they like their name
-  Do they have a preference on food
-  Does anything hurt  (any medical information is given purely from a psychic perspective and is not a replacement for licensed mecial care)

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